Premium services does not guarantee expedition of your immigration application

More and more people are opting for premium services.

The fee for such a service is currently £610, in addition to the regular fees. This means that you can make an application in person and obtain a decision on the day rather of posting it off and waiting.

For all those making an application for visa whilst abroad, you are able to pay for the Priority Visa service and have the process speeded up for £573.

This service made an original commitment to expedite applications within five working days, however, the service level agreement with the public and service users failed to deliver following the Immigration Minister’s mutterings before the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Apparently there is now no guarantee that by paying your £573, you will receive a Priority Service. The only guarantee you receive is that your application will be dealt with before other non-priority applications.

Furthermore, the Home Office will rip you off to the tune of £5.48per email if you wish to ask them any questions in regard to your requested Priority Service.

The income generation culture of the Home Office means that costs for migrants will continue to remain high for the foreseeable future.